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› Audi Expertise
At Progressive Audi Repair and Maintenance we offer a full range of audi automotive services and preventative maintenance programs delivered by experienced, certified technicians.

Some of the Audi repair & maintenance we offer: 

• Engine Tune-Ups
• Engine Repair
• Brake Service
• Wheel Alignments
• Tire Balancing
• Transmission Repair
• Factory scheduled maintenance
• Performance Upgrades
• Air Conditioning Repair
• Vehicle Inspection
• Oil Change
• Steering & Suspension
• Electronic System Repair

› Tire Mount & Balance Perfection
Want a smoother ride, longer tire life and better gas mileage? Our state of the art machines ensure you drive away with safe, weighted and perfectly balanced tires. We also carry the top rated brands of tires listed below.

› Highly Qualified Audi Technicians
Our Audi technicians have the best equipment and access to the latest information needed to service today's complex Audi computer, electronic, and mechanical systems. As a member of the International 'Automotive Technicians' Network and a subscriber to Mitchell on Demand our technicians have access to all the information they need to fix your car right the first time.

› We only use quality parts
We use only parts from reputable suppliers such as Lordco & Wordpac and stand behind all our work with a 1 year, 20,000km guarantee

Interested in after-market modifications? No problem, we can source all equipment and install it for you too!

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